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Welcome to the world of the 2120 Valve Guitar System. Taking up where the 2112SGS left off, the 2120VGS comes complete with new presets from Artists as well as from our DigiTech® staff, increased delay times, and configuration selection within the preset. With Dual distortion paths, Digitally controlled Analog Wah, and Programmable Cabinet emulation, the 2120 puts all of the tools in your hands. The amp-like controls and a fully loaded effects menu that can be routed in any combination and order help make the 2120 completely flexible. The easy-to-use interface puts all editing features directly in front of the you, giving you instant access to key features such as delay Tapit and the Chromatic Tuner. The 2120's dual S-DISC II processors helps provide seamless patch changes and morphing capabilities never before found in a Preamp / Processor of this caliber. The 2120VGS combines guitar tones and digital effects to produce sounds that will satisfy even the most discriminating player.

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