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3 Dumbles - Carlton/Ford/Santana


3 Dumble patches. (Long post) I’m posting three patches for everyone to try. They’re all, for lack of a better term, Dumble-ish. I’ve been on the quest for the Larry Carlton/Robben Ford/Carlos Santana Dumble sort of tones, and never been happy until I saw an interview with Ford and he said that Dumble put the overdrive after the pre-amp. So I switched to Katana chain #1 and then the patches really started to come to life, responding to pick attack and cleaning up with the guitar volume control. Double stops work great too. I have the cabinet resonance on my Katana 100 combo set to Vintage. Still on Rev 2 firmware. There are three patches in the set: DumbleLarry. This goes after Larry Carlton’s clean-ish Dumble sound ala The Crusader’s “Put it Where You Want It.” I built it with a lower output neck humbucker, but it also sounds great with the bridge humbucker as well. Uses Natural Overdrive after Clean Pre-amp. Cleans up well with the guitar’s volume knob, and sits on the edge of breakup when driven. Short Plate and delay. (Use tap tempo to lengthen the delay for solos if you like). Global eq added to roll off the high end a bit. DumbleFord. Goes after Robben Ford’s drive sound as in Cannonball Shuffle. Built with medium output bridge humbucker. Uses Blues Drive after Crunch Pre-amp with a little Direct sound mixed in (drive page) and the solo boost on. The solo boost seems to add to the midrange in a different way than just increasing the gain. (could be my imagination…). Short plate and a bit longer delay, tap tempo/adjust to taste. Cleans up well with guitar volume. EQ’d to roll off the highs a bit. If I had to live with one patch all night, this would be it. Very versatile. DumbleTana. Going for Carlos’s Black Magic Woman kind of sound. More singing sustain than DumbleFord. Either humbucker sounds great with this patch, neck for the Carlos thing, bridge for an even bigger Ford type sound. Uses Blues Drive After Crunch Pre-amp. Short plate and longer delay. As with DumbleFord, some Direct signal is mixed in on the booster page, and the solo switch is on. Great solo patch. Use tap tempo for specific song. EQ to roll off the highs a bit. Try them out, see what you think. I’ve gigged with these in 50-seat small clubs, outdoors on festival stages, and in the studio. All three are great for jazz/blues/rock, just different levels of drive and sustain. In the included link is a video of a bluesy tune of mine where I use DumbleTana for the solo. Skip to 2:44 for the solo. Cheers.


Cal Scott

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The best dumble patches for the katana!


saw these in a video, they sounded really good


Santana one is 10/10!!! Got goosebumps when i put this on my katana and played Black Magic Woman intro to feel the sound!


Tough to decide which I like BETTER! Really nice tones coming out of my Tele; WOW! Thank you!


Nice! Thanks!!




Hi, Very nice and smooth sound! Does it works with boss katana 100 MK2 head too?


Does this work for MKii version of Boss Katana?


Thanks. sounds great on my katana 100 mk2


Not compatible with Katana Air! :(

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