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With Guitar Rig 3, you can work with a diverse group of setups, including 12 amps, 17 guitar and 6 bass cabs, 4 rotary speakers, and 9 microphones with adjustable positioning and 44 effects via your computer. This Native Instruments amp modeling software is great when you don't have space in your abode for several stacks and cabinets but still want to hear the array of tones your guitar or bass could produce if you did.


More than a feeling - Boston


More than a feeling



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I have played a 5 tsirng bass for seven years now and I think that it is much better than a traditional bass guitar on so many levels. The most obvious difference is the additional tsirng. While a standard bass has 4 tsirngs (tuned to E A D G) the 5th tsirng on a 5-string bass is tuned to B. This allows for additional notes to be played with ease and without any varied tunings that you may have to switch between from song to song. I think this allows much more creativity and freedom when playing.Many people seem to believe that a 5 tsirng would be more difficult to play and my experience with the instrument has been quite the opposite. Because of the additional tsirng, all of the tsirngs are packed in a little closer together. This makes for ease of mobility when playing different notes on different tsirngs.I highly recommend 5 tsirng as the way to go when selecting a bass guitar. +2Was this answer helpful?

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