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Rivera KR7 - Mick Thomson/Slipknot


This is my attempt at replicating Mick Thomsons signature amp, the Rivera KR7. I did the best I could by watching videos online and tweaking with the g-10 eq at the same time to try and match the correct frequencies. Riveras tend to sound slightly scooped in the lower mids, pushed in the higher mids and a massive low end. Sounds almost like a really mean and angry JCM800. I don't know if its exact, but I think its pretty close. Give a try and rate it to tell me what you think. I recommend these settings once you get the preset downloaded on the amp. Gain: 2 o'clock Bass & Middle: 12 o'clock Treble: 2 o'clock. These settings will definitely give you that "Rivera Knucklehead" Tone if you watch any videos of them online. Mess around with an OD, but trust me you wont need it. Hope you enjoy!



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