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Pistachio Pistachio - Duncan Peltenburg


This is a very basic patch with only a Spring Reverb and Noise Gate. The Noise Gate is setup to "silence" a Fender Strat when not playing. The Spring Reverb doesn't have a long decay setting so it won't get in the way of medium to up-tempo comping styles.
The other effect blocks are set to off by default and can be used as stompboxes. Switch them on by using a midi footcontroller, which can send CC messages.
Compressor - set to flatten and even out chords during "slow" comping.
Auto Resonance - set as an Auto Wah.
Detune - Used as an alternative for a Chorus. Unlike a "normal" Chorus, the amount of detuning doesn't change.
Classic Chorus - subtle Chorus setting to thicken and colour the sound.
Dynamic Delay - not an in-your-face Delay. Delay time is set to 0ms by default. Use a midi footcontroller to set the Delay time.



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