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Cycle through the signal chains of 100 of today's top guitarists with the Zoom G5n. This next-generation modeler faithfully re-creates five celebrated tube amps, five speaker cabinet impulses, and 68 effects in stunning 24-bit quality for a virtually unlimited number of tweakable tone options, and comes loaded with presets from the guitarists of Smashing Pumpkins, Joss Stone, Korn, and Stevie Wonder (etc.) for instant inspiration. Modeled tones can be sent out to an amp and enhanced with real speaker dynamics, sent direct to a PA to keep stage volumes quiet, or recorded direct into the computer via USB for zero-latency, no-fuss studio tones. The Zoom G5n's onboard 80-second stereo looper and tuner make this board an excellent value for solo artists and live performers, and a stereo headphone out makes it a useful tool for practicing at home, at work, or out on the road.


Base Distortion - Mamonas Assassinas - Mamonas Assassinas


ptbr: Eu uso para fazer as base distorcidas das musicas dos mamonas, entre elas debil metal, chopis centis, 1406, etc. Também estarei deixando nos dois formatos tanto para o guitar lab quanto para o tonebridge zoom. eng: I use it to make the distorted bases of Mamona's songs, among them weak metal, chopis centis, 1406, etc. I'll also be leaving it in both formats for both the guitar lab and the tonebridge zoom. esp: Lo uso para hacer las bases distorsionadas de las canciones de Mamona, entre ellas el metal débil, chopis centis, 1406, etc. También lo dejaré en ambos formatos tanto para el guitar lab como para el tonebridge zoom.


Bruno RSF

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