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Powered by DigiTech s AudioDNA2 DSP processor, the RP70 and RP90 guitar pedals includes detailed models of boutique stompboxes, amps, cabinets and effects. It s like having a music store at your disposal. From hot-rodded rock and roll to metal. To top it all off, the chorus and DigiTech Whammy effects can be re-arranged to go before the amp model or after which ever you desire. They feature a 1/4 guitar input along with separate left and right 1/4 output jacks that can be connected to either an amplifier or mixer for direct recording with a press of the Amp/Mixer switch that engages the internal speaker cabinets for direct recording. Rounding off the outputs is a separate, stereo 1/8 headphone jack for practicing purposes.

Digitech RP-90 (pantera Demos)

uploaded: 2008-06-24

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