The problems with the G1X Four

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The problems with the G1X Four

Post by KRYPTYK » Sun Sep 12, 2021 7:27 am

Depending on which combination is selected when selecting the individual functions, such as amp, reverb, delay etc., the combination is not accepted by the device and is not configured due to overloading of the processor. So it is more than likely that you will not get a compilation for your own desired sound at all, because the processor / device will not accept this compilation. I've experienced this several times after buying it, so that I couldn't create my personal sound at all. It's not much different about the software either, because you can't even make compilations at all, since the corresponding components, from AMP, Delay, 4/12, EQ, etc., are automatically blocked and cannot be selected at all.

I wonder what Zoom was thinking about bringing such a device onto the market, which is only partially usable. Because it can only be configured to a limited extent as required, it is not suitable for beginners and certainly not for advanced users or professionals, or even sound tinkerers.

If you have the predecessor devices G1X, G1XN or G1 Xon, you should keep them, because they are a lot better. So what should make someone buy this device? Ignorance of the lack of processor performance would be a factor that I did not know beforehand either. If that had been the case beforehand and if the poor processor performance and only limited ability to compose the sound yourself had been mentioned in some "test", I would not have bothered to order the device.

Thank God, you have a 30-day right of return and a money back guarantee, otherwise I would have a completely unusable device lying around with me, which is also overpriced from the point of view. I'm just a little surprised that nobody else has criticized the point with the processor.

Or did I end up doing something wrong (which I doubt) or did I have a device that was defective? Or is that the case with all G1Xfour devices?