GT 10 Patch download problems

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Lanny C
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GT 10 Patch download problems

Post by Lanny C » Sat Dec 28, 2019 9:04 pm

I need some help.. I'am currently trying to connect my GT 10 to my cpu so i can download patches/tones.
I have downloaded the driver & Librarian software. + a handful of patches i'd like to try.
But for some reason when i open the midi set up dialogue box in the librarian (to select input & output source) it just says "NONE" in the drop down list instead of listing the GT10. so its not recognising the pedal.
(It doesn't appear to be any fault of the data/usb cable) so i'am a little stumped!. :(

Is there something i have missed or need to do additionally?.
I'm new to all this and still learning how it all works via various tutorials on youtube etc..
but unfortunately i haven't been able to find anything specifically regarding the problem i'm experiencing.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated . :? :roll: :?