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The Vox ToneLab SE Tube Driven Modeling Floorboard Processor is a large-format multi-effect and modeling processor that delivers the warm, fat distortion of pure tube sound. You also get a wide range of effects, and 2 expression pedals for complete control during performances. It is packed with 16 accurate and versatile models that cover a range from classic vintage amps and cabs to modern gear. Also features a wide range of effects models that are easily editable. A/B channel switch lets you change between 2 amp/cab settings within a single program. 2 expression pedals give you control over wah, volume, and more. Dedicated editing software lets you tweak and save sounds using your computer. Built-in tuner. Sturdy construction.


Hard Day - Beatles


I guess that this Patch originally was created to play The Beatles 'Hard Days Night' (not sure though). It's nice and punchy, clean with a bit of bite. You can also use this patch as a basis (Add some tube od, etc.) to build more patches. I played it on a Godin Exit 22-S and it sounded great, both on the bridge humbucker and the single coils.



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