Guitar effect patches for the Boss GT-8

The Boss GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor features a revolutionary dynamic sensitivity switching mode that switches between two effects. Dual modeling engines let you layer and pan different amp models together. Seamless program change lets delays and 'verbs decay naturally when you switch channels. 46 amp models each have a solo mode for instant access to an optimized hi-gain soloing sound. 200 preset patches and 140 user patches give you miles of depth while an intuitive layout like that of the GT-6 keeps it all manageable. 44 effects types include compressors, reverbs, choruses, EQs, wah models, noise gates, and anything else you can imagine such as synth waves, sitar, and acoustic models. Fully programmable routing lets you connect all 13 simultaneous effects in any order you wish.


Tripp Crunch - John Mayer maybe D*mble-like


Gear: Strat w/Fralin VHs, GT8, dual Roland KB-350s. I can't recall the origin of this patch, but I tweaked it ever so slightly to give me what sounds a bit like a Dumble.


The Other Tripp

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