Guitar effect patches for the Korg AX3000G

The AX3000G packs 72 types of amp models and effect sounds delivered by Korg's world-acclaimed "REMS" modeling technology. In addition to true-to-life reproductions of a wide array of vintage and modern guitar amps and cabinets, REMS also provides standard effects such as chorus, delay, and reverb, in gorgeous detail. These effects transcend the stereotypical concept of effects, and open up completely new vistas of sound for the electric guitar.


Signos - Soda Stereo


Del album Ruido Blanco Delay x pedal



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bastante bueno... le puse mas feedback al delay lo unico. Gracias


the best ...gustavo cerati


Disculpame,yo tengo la boss gt 10,me dirias que efectos usaste y como configuraste? ya que veo que el sonido quedó bastante bien...MUCHAS GRACIAS te dejo mi mail :


como conecto mi ax3000g a la computadora para pasarme estos patches?? Tengo instalado el programa pero no se que cable necesito, ayuda por favor mi correo

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