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Marky Clean JC120 - 80s Clean Chorus on a Roland JC120 Chorus amp


Clean Roland JC120 Chorus amp popularized in the 80s. The Rockman clean sound was modeled after it. It was created on Strat middle position on a Single Coil pickup. It has a little stereo delay that is not noticeable in a mix but gives a wider stereo spread to the fullness. Still sounds good on middle position of a double humbucker pickup setup like a Les Paul. Fx Disappear in a mix but give the guitar sparkle. A known fact. They only sound noticeable when no other instruments are playing. Adjust while blending a mix. Can do this with the looper in audition mode.


Marky Mark

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Wow. This is a great clean sound with headphones in stereo. Glad I found this site.


Me too. Super cool. I used it in a mix exactly the way it is. It makes the whole song sound so much better.


A great Johnny Marr chorus sound. Beautiful in stereo headphones


A kick but sound used it never touched a thing and recorded flawless mix.


This patch is great

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