Guitar effect patches for the Boss Katana

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DAW Metal Tone w/ Ibanez TS9 - Pantera/Death/Machine Head


I made this tone over the course of a few days just messing around with the Tone Studio's EQs and whatnot. Here is my personal signal chain: Jackson Guitar w/ Jackson "High-Output Humbuckers." Ibanez TS9 Pedal [DRIVE - 0] [TONE - HALF/12 o'clock] [VOLUME- 10/DIMED] Boss KTN-50 MK1 PC [TONE STUDIO] This patch was made for recording metal guitar in DAWs or just to mess around with in headphones so that I'm able to play at a reasonable volume. Great highs, heavy lows and scooped mids. almost reminiscent of a Marshall combo. would sound amazing with: Seymour Duncan Distortion / JB / DimeBucker DiMarzio Tone Zone / X2N



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