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Brownface Harmonic Tremolo - Rootsy Americana


To create a harmonic tremolo, I created two Wave Pedal controls in the A3 and A4 slots. These adjust the HM and LM gain controls on the parametric eq in the FX1 slot, using a sine wave and alternating between +2 and -8 dB. out of phase with each other. Then I tuned the HM and LM frequency and Q controls until the sound matched the brownface amp recordings I was listening to on YouTube (That Pedal Show mostly...) The Q controls have a big impact of the depth, btw. I set the expression pedal to control the tempo of the patch and then set the Wave Pedal controls to eighth notes and now the speed control is on the expression pedal. The expression switch toggles overdrive and the CTL1 is a preamp boost for solos. I used the Tweed preamp with mids and presence high and some plate reverb and analog delay and that's pretty much it. I'm very happy with it, I had been trying to come up a patch that simulates a harmonic trem on my Katana for a while without much luck but I think this really nails it. Let me know what you think!



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