Guitar effect patches for the zoom G2Nu and G2.1Nu

The G2Nu is an easy to use USB guitar pedal. It's USB interface allows for direct recording to a computer, and its small enough to take it where ever you go. It features a large 1.9" LCD panel that sports a new intuitive interface. The pedal has about 100 preset guitar sounds and 100 user patches. Features: - 30 types of redesigned drive sounds - USB interface / Large 1.9-inch LCD display / Metal chassis - 96kHz sampling and 24-bit A/D/A conversion - 20 patches designed by Steve Vai - Integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources - Looping function records 5-second phrases - Includes Cubase LE (Windows and OS X) recording software - Zoom “Edit and Share” patch librarian software available for download. - Operates on 4 AA batteries, AC adapter or USB bus power

Clean patch! (Try using the neck pickup) - 3 Minutes to Delicious


My clean patch for most of the music I'm putting out lately, not many listeners, but I sure hope this helps someone!


Mikel Welsh

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Update: Just made a small EP with the G2NU with the same exact patch. This device is also very handy when used with Bias FX. EP is on soundcloud!


Very Nice Patch...Using it in my next gig..thanks

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