Katana 100 Metallica - Master of Puppets patch

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Katana 100 Metallica - Master of Puppets patch

Postby zerosignal0 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:29 am

Hello All,

I just picked this amp up and loving it so far. I am working to port some of my metal patches over from previous setups and admittedly have struggled a little bit to dial things in. This being said here is V1 of my Metallica MOP patch. Feel free to adjust to your liking and feedback is welcome.


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Re: Katana 100 Metallica - Master of Puppets patch

Postby riccardopera » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:25 am

Hi! I just got the Katana 100. For sure it’s a great amp, bur i’m Noticing that it make a lot of background noise as soon as I go to crunch, lead or brown (brown really makes a lot of noise). And I don’t think it’s for ground loop, it’s the typical “sssccchhh” of gain amps. Did you also experienced that, dealing with high distortion? What do you suggest to limit it? Thank you and congratulations!

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