Guitar effect patches for the Digitech RP500

Easily control your tone on stage! The RP500 guitar multi-effect processor gives you the ability to control program changes, complete signal chains and allows you to turn all amplifier and cabinet sounds off in the exclusive Pedalboard mode. When in Pedalboard mode the RP500 acts like 5 separate stompboxes and effects. Save each combo in a preset for a uniquely switchable pedal setup not found anywhere else but pro rigs.


Bass Patch like 39-Bass Man from BP355 - Digitech ROM Preset, reconstructed on RP500


I tried to implement the BP355 Preset "Bass Man" for the RP500. Checked only via headphones, so might be still a little bit different. Also, EQs are totally different in BP355 and RP500 !



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This was my first RP500 patch for BASS on this unit. Please improbe and upload Your version here in this forum !

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