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Marky Champ - Marky Mark


A very nice amp SIM of the Fender Champ. It sounds pretty authentic and a testament to how good the Rp360 really is despite the tired factory patches. It was made on a Les Paul epiphone on Bridge humbucker the output of RP set to Mixer mode. Master output of RP is at half volume. Into a mixer the Rp360 sounds best with a boost in the hi end tones of about 6db boost. You can hear it if you play the built in drums. This is the formula used to balance the sound with a CD mix. A good guitar sound for lots of mixes including Bryan Adams and John Cougar. Also Led Zeppelin who did a lot of recording with this very amp. The vol pedal controls the gain of the amp from slight crunch to max crunch. It has a great tube feel to it. Sweet home Alabama pop. I keep finding great tones in this thing. Surprised by the lack of good factory patches, but they are pretty much all the same when expecting good patches from factory settings. Do not know why since those designating this thing has to know what it was capable of. If you tweak it and save keep in mind that the position of the expression pedal controlling the gain of the amp will be remembered.


Marky Mark

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Lots of great info about your patches. Thanx much


What a cool patch. I tried some Zeppelin and it is right on. A cool patch.

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