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Marky Bass AC SIM 2 Radar Love - Golden Earing


A Bass SIM using the Acoustic Simulator. Been tweaking away here. Had this thing for about a month but did a lot of tweaking things keep getting fine tuned. Was hoping this site would really take off so I'm trying hard to get it going. You don't have to join to browse download and upload. Only need to register if you wanna rate a patch or get involved in forums. Pretty nice ehhh? This site is an invaluable tool for musicians to interact in a positive way. I'm sure people can tweak these to even better patches. Then please upload. The Bass patch SIM is arguably one of the hardest to pull off but I give the Rp360 a huge thumbs up on the bass SIM because there are so many amps and cabs. If you pick this with some tension it really gets a great string attack. Getting this is even hard on a real bass. I spend lots of time recording with many friends and musicians they really get a kick out of novelty sounds like this. And so useful for writing. I did a remix for a friend yesterday and he loves the bass. He has not been told this is not a real bass on the mix. What I'm getting at is it does not matter how you get the sound you want as long as you get it. And of course you must crank up the sound to tune it in proper, bottom and top end on this patch in particular. Other units are coming like the Mustang Series by Fender and the Zoom G3.


Marky Mark

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This Digitech Rp360 patch is a great bass sound for a SIM. Thanks Marky Mark


I used this patch in a recording on my multitrack to replace a real bass the bass I had was muddy. This patch sounded better than a real bass, by far.

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