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etolkien2 - Etolkien


Happy Katana 50 user here, after a week with this nice combo I crafted some tones, hope you like it! I like clean cleans and I use a trick for rise the JC120 clean amp volume transparently because I like preamp gain low and the volume is low in consequence even with the volume preamp maxed. Use of the CLEAN BOOST is not an option because it colours a bit the sound. The trick (is not mine, I learned it from a Zoom G3 user) is to put a parametric EQ block with all the bands flat, there is a "level" control that allows you to rise the volume up to 20db. You can see the trick in action in my ETOLKIEN CLEAN tone setting, with the EQ bloq I obtained a rise of 3 db in volume without coloring the tone. This helps a lot to balance the volume between presets because hi gain amps are LOUD



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